• Boxing 1

- 7 CECs with Fitness Australia
- 2 PDPs with Kinect Australia

  • Boxing 2

- 3 PDPs with Kinect Australia

These courses clearly outline the benefits of boxing as a cross trainer for all other sports and concentrate heavily on correct technique and freestyle training.

Boxing 1 is for people of all ages interested in learning and teaching basic technique with gloves, mits and pads, from beginners upward. A hands on workshop that empowers your ability to help design your own combinations which in turn creates an amazing workout whilst teaching basic self defence. It also demonstrates the training principles to apply correct procedure as defined in the fitness industry, not just the boxing fraternity. Course cost from $200.

Boxing 2 progresses from Boxing 1 and takes the technique to a new dimension. It's not only for personal trainers to advance their knowledge and technique, but also for boxing enthusiasists to hone greater skills and put them into practice. This is achieved by advanced training and teaching the physiology behind every move. Course cost from $230.